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MPEG-4 Video Codec
MPEG-4 video codec optimized for NXP Nexperia™ media processors

Streaming Networks offers ISO compliant MPEG-4 software video encoder/decoder supporting Simple Visual Profile, Main Visual Profile (interlace tool) and Advanced Simple Profile (dynamic resolution conversion tool). It is designed for embedded systems, requiring low memory footprint and is fully optimized for TriMedia processors. The encoder generates compliant bit streams, which have been tested against reference MPEG-4 decoders.

Well-documented, easy to use application programming interface (API) allows developer to control the behavior of the libraries. The MPEG4 software from Streaming Networks comes with a sample application that provides the functionality necessary for frame capturing, encoding/decoding, and display.


  • Output bit streams
    • Fully compliant to MPEG4 (ISO/IEC 14496-2) Simple Visual and Main Visual Profile interlace tools
  • Multiple Video Objects
    • Supports simultaneous encoding of up to 32 rectangular video objects (in a single or multiple channels)
  • Bit rates
    • 384 Kbps to 4 Mbps. Customized rates lower than 384 kbps are available.
  • Image sizes & Types
    • Up to 704 x 480 lines selectable in height and width in steps of 16.
    • Half D1 progressive (704x240) and Half D1 interlaced (352x480)
    • CIF (352 x 288)
    • QCIF (176 x 144)
    • SQCIF (128 x 96)
    • Intra (I), Predictive (P) and Bi-directionally predictive (B)
  • Frame rates
    • 30 frames per second (progressive), 60 fields per second (interlaced).
      Actual frame rates are specific to individual applications and related to the number of objects being handled simultaneously, image sizes and image quality.
  • Error/compression tools
    • Error resilience modes and extra compression tools also available.

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