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Video Phone
Complete ODM/OEM reference design for PSTN based Video Phone

Streaming Networks offers a low-cost H.324 compliant Consumer Video Phone communicating over standard phone lines. With it's integrated high quality LCD screen and wide-angle digital camera, the Video Phone requires no adjustments or software installations, and is ready to go with the press of a button. Any other A/V source can also be attached with the video phone using external A/V input jack i.e. a camcorder, CVBS/S-Video camera, audio devices. Similarly, using A/V output jack, video received from the remote videophone can be recorded or displayed on a standard PAL/NTSC monitor/TV set using A/V output jacks.



  • Cost-effective H.324 stack implementation
  • ITU H.263 video codec
    • upto 10 fps CIF
    • upto 15 fps QCIF
    • PB, UMV, AC and SAP options
  • ITU G.723.1 audio codec
    • 5.3/6.3 kbps
    • Silence suppression and comfort noise generation
  • ITU H.223 multiplexer and demultiplexer
  • ITU H.245 control protocol
  • ITU V.34 soft modem
    • 33.6 kbps
  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation for hands-free speakerphone operation
  • Enhanced Features
    • Overlay for OSD
    • Pre and post filters for video quality

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