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VideoPhone + SMS
Complete ODM/OEM reference design for PSTN based Video Phone with SMS.

Streaming Networks offers a low-cost H.324 compliant Consumer VideoPhone with Short Message Service (SMS) capability communicating over standard phone lines. Over and above the videophone, the Short Message Service (SMS) supports ETSI and CTSI standards and provides interoperability with region specific SMS servers. The Short Message Service (SMS) module composes/edits a text message and transmits/receives messages through the SMS service centers. Module offers complete functionality of SMS Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) in conjunction with videophone operations. Both DTMF and FSK transmission options are available for information upload. Soft modules offer flexibility and easy customization to meet country/region specific telecom requirements. SMS module, in addition, includes an efficient character entry and message composition mechanism for Chinese language.



  • Cost-effective H.324 stack implementation
  • ITU H.263 video codec
    • upto 10 fps CIF
    • upto 15 fps QCIF
    • PB, UMV, AC and SAP options
  • ITU G.723.1 audio codec
    • 5.3/6.3 kbps
    • Silence suppression and comfort noise generation
  • ITU H.223 multiplexer and demultiplexer
  • ITU H.245 control protocol
  • ITU V.34 soft modem
    • 33.6 kbps
  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation for hands-free speakerphone operation
  • SMS Module
    • ETSI & CTSI Standards
    • DTMF/FSK Info Upload
    • CAS Detection
  • Enhanced Features
    • Overlay for OSD
    • Pre and post filters for video quality

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