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Video Communicator
An Ultimate Video and Audio Conferencing Experience

Streaming Networks offers a feature rich, easy to use, low-cost IP based video communication (VC) solution for the home and office. An existing broadband connection through a cable or xDSL line is all that is needed for a high quality full-motion video communication on a high definition display system. The VC solution adapts automatically to a variety of internet bandwidths ranging from public to corporate networks for delivering an optimal quality video and audio experience. An innovative icon based graphical user interface makes it extremely simple to set-up and use the system. The H.264 based consumer IP video conferencing system uses SIP for signaling and RTP/TCP/UDP/IP protocols for streaming video, audio and content sharing over Ethernet. The system is well-suited for a number of video communication applications including educational resource rooms for distance learning and telemedicine.

Streaming Networks patented low latency H.264 video codec delivers crisp and clear video over a wide range of bit rates. To enhance high definition viewing experience, the system utilizes Streaming Networks proprietary suite of video pre and posts processing filters, face detection & enhancement algorithm and a network bandwidth adaptation mechanism. The bandwidth adaptation scheme adapts to a variety of connections ranging from minimal quality of service (QoS) networks to high QoS broadband connections to deliver best possible video and audio quality experience. For rich natural sounding audio, the acoustic echo canceller (AEC) module enables full duplex echo-free, hands free operation.

The video conferencing system offers an innovative icon based easy-to-use high definition graphical user interface (HD GUI), allowing easy operation and navigation of VC features including call logging, editing and phone-book. You can scale your video and images, customize your screen settings, and peruse through presentation slides sent by a remote participant. The system informs users dynamically about the current status of the network, and local and remote station settings. The video communicator’s PC desktop application allows sending of images and presentation slides from multiple connected computers and synchronizing of the VC phone book with a computer.

The system uses modular software architecture for increased flexibility and added design longevity. The modular architecture makes it possible to add features, replace the standard library modules with customer specific modules, or update the standard library with emerging standards. OEM opportunities are available.


• H.264 video codec:

- Baseline and Main profile
- 64 kpbs to 768 kbps
- Resolution:
- QHD (640x360) scaled to HD
- QVGA (320x240)

• G.711 and G.729a audio codecs

• Network bandwidth adaptation

• NTSC / PAL / SECAM support

• SIP signaling:

- RFC 3261
- RFC 3264 (SDP)

• DHCP enabled

• TCP-IP/UDP/ RTP protocols

• Acoustic Echo Cancellation for full duplex hands-free speakerphone operation

• Slide show with multiple slide navigation

• High Definition GUI

• PC connectivity

• Phone book and call logging facility

• Time synchronization

• Camera ON / OFF and Mic mute control

• Password and screen saver settings

• PIP and audio / video self test features

• System status information


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