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iRecord Pro®

Easy to use high quality media recorder for the new iPad, iPhone 5 & iOS 6. Attach an analog video source and your portable USB device including iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Simply press a button to start and stop recording. The recordings appear in the play list of an iPad, iPhone or iPod for immediate play back. No computer or iTunes required. iRecord Pro can also record directly to a PC or Mac hard disk.



iRecord Pro is the next generation of iRecord (PMR-100). It records free movies to iPad, free movies to iPhone. iRecord Pro comes in 4 models:

iRecord Pro (Baseline): The new features include direct recording to iPhone 4S, iPad 2, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, all iPhones, all iPods including iPod touch, other USB devices plus direct recording to a PC or Mac. Support for direct recording to iPad is available via a firmware upgrade at a nominal charge.

iRecord Pro (with iPad support): iRecord Pro baseline features plus built-in iPad support.

iRecord Pro+: The Pro+ model is for business and commercial applications. It does not have any watermarking in the recording. The preferred recording parameters are stored automatically to flash using the iRecord Desktop utility, allowing more control over recordings. The unit can record for longer duration without powering off.

iRecord Pro*: The iRecord Pro*, in addition, supports video recording to camera roll of iDevices ready for sharing via MMS and email. To control file size, video frame-rate can be set, from a selection, between 1-30 fps. Furthermore, the recordings can be stored in progressively downloadable format for hosting on websites.


  • Supports direct analog A/V recording to the new iPad, iPad 2, iPad®, iPhone® 4S and all other iPhones, iPods including iPod® touch as well as PSP®, MP3 players, MTP devices and other USB devices.
  • Supports direct analog A/V recoding to PC/Mac using H.264 compression in MP4 format in native file system.
  • A/V source can also be previewed during recording to PC/Mac hard drives, on the local computer as well as streamed live to another computer and watched using Quick Time. You can stream the data to multiple machines.
  • Full D1 (720x480/576) resolution recording at 30/25 frames per second (fps).
  • VGA (640x480)resolution recording at 30 fps.
  • Recording at (480x320), iPhone native resolution, at 30 fps.
  • Recording at (480x272), PSP native resolution, at 30 fps.
  • Supports progressive download format (iRecord Pro+ only).
  • Supports audio only recording in MP3, AAC, WAV and FLAC formats.
  • iRecord Pro is equipped with timer button. Using this button you can specify predefined recording duration of 30, 60, 120, 180 minutes.
  • Recording can be paused allowing skipping of unwanted A/V segments such as commercials during TV recording.
  • PC/Mac recording requires an iRecord Desktop software, which is available free of cost from iRecord website.
  • iRecord Desktop also allows you to set-up scheduled recordings (iPod only), configure recording parameters such as bit-rate, resolution, audio codec selection.
  • iRecord Pro converts MPEG-2/MPEG-1 contents to MP4 format, that is playable on variety of portable media players. iRecord Desktop facilitates the transcoding process.


Protected by patent #US8068716, #US7979264, #US7221296, other patents pending.


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