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Streaming Network Visual TriCom
Visual TriCom (TriMedia Component Object Model)

TriCom is a graphical tool and environment for rapid application development for PNX 1700/1500 VLIW media processors.

TriMedia Streaming Architecture (TSSA) from NXP is a framework to facilitate connection of different software components for building TriMedia applications. However, it still requires a learning curve and difficult to debug. Streaming Networks TriCom tool is an attempt to make this step easier.

TriCom provides a graphical environment to connect software components for rapid application development. Once compatible components are connected, code is automatically generated, linked and loaded on the target processor. Concept similar to graphedit in DirectShow and simulink in matlab.

TriCom and associated build environment acts as a TSSA expert system, it not only eliminates the chance of a syntax error, it also does intelligent memory allocations and packet assignment. It provides visual feedback of load distribution among components and other run time information required to debug real time multi-media applications.


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