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nREF-1700 Development Board
nREF-1700 development board with PNX1700

The Streaming Networks nREF-1700 developer kit for the NXP PNX1700 Nexperia media processor (with TriMedia VLIW processor core) provides everything necessary to build a cutting-edge multimedia software product in the shortest possible time. Due to its extremely compact design, it conveniently fits into a PCI slot within a standard PC. It can also be used in stand-alone mode for proof of concept of an embedded product.

The hardware portion of the development kit includes a comprehensive reference design optimized for high performance. There is a 500-MHz PNX1700 media processor for complete audio, video, and graphics functionality. The media processor is connected to 64 Mbytes of high-bandwidth DDR SDRAM (capable of operating at 200 MHz), and a series of highly programmable, audio and video peripherals. The power management feature of TriMedia enables applications to switch off peripherals which are not needed to save the overall power requirement.


To ensure best video quality in our PNX1700 based products, different techniques are used to keep the VLIW media processor cool for thermal efficiency. In iRecord Pro cooling fan is used, while iRecord Covert-HDVR uses the casing as heat sink. The side vents and forced fan air keep the desired system temperature.


  • 500 MHz PNX1700 processor

  • Memory

    • 64 Mbytes DDR main memory organized into two chips of x32

    • 128 Mbit flash organized as 8/16 bit data bus

    • E2PROM for BOOT

  • PCI standard 2.2 host interface

  • Video/data In

    • SVideo

    • Component

    • CCIR 656

    • CVBS (on plate provided with board)

    • RGB (on plate provided with board)

  • Video/data Out

    • SVideo

    • Component

    • DVI

    • CCIR 656

    • LCD

    • LVDS

    • CVBS (on plate provided with board)

    • RGB (on plate provided with board)

  • 8 channel audio in

  • 8 channel audio out

  • Mini PCI interface

  • LAN interface with 10/100 Mb/s Ethernet controller

  • IDE interface through 40 pin header

  • USB interface version 1.1

  • IR interface through header

  • JTAG interface through header

  • I2C interface through header

  • Power Input: PCI or Header standalone operation

  • SPDIF input and output


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