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NeXmedia1302 Development Board
NeXmedia1302 standalone development board with IDE, USB, and ethernet interfaces

Streaming Networks has been the pioneer of standalone references designs for the Nexperia family of processors. Streaming Networks maintains its lead by offering its next generation stand-alone system consisting of a single board having all the necessary interfaces like IDE, Ethernet, USB, IC, PCI and ISA buses.

These interfaces facilitate quick application development for storage and communication based products. The USB based development environment for standalone configuration makes development as easy as on a PC and furthermore, eliminates the need for a JTAG card. The production ready applications can be burned onto flash and the system can be made flash bootable in a jiffy through provided software.



  • 200 MHz PNX1302 processor

  • Memory

    • 32 MB SDRAM @ 166 MHz

    • 8MB bootable Flash

  • Video inputs (PAL/NTSC)

    • Two channel CVBS

    • One channel S-VHS

  • Video outputs (PAL/NTSC)

    • Single channel CVBS

    • Single channel S-VHS

  • Mono four channel audio input

  • Stereo single channel audio output

  • IDE interface for ATA/ATAPI devices

  • LAN interface with 10/100 Mb/s Ethernet controller

  • USB interface (slave mode) ver 1.1

  • JTAG

  • RS 232 interface

  • I2C interface

  • x86 compatible interface for peripheral devices

  • Actuator inputs/outputs (8 channels each)

  • Single channel IR receiver

  • Dual Power input support: 12V DC, Standard ATX

  • DAA interface header for softmodem

  • Fully tested board support package (BSP)


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