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Nexperia Development Kit (NDK)
Nexperia Development Kit software for PNX1500 and PNX1700

The Nexperia Development Kit (NDK) includes TriMedia Compilation System, (TCS) which is a full suite of system software tools to compile and debug code, analyze and optimize performance and simulate execution for the NXP PNX1500 and PNX1700 series of media processors. The NDK also provides libraries of video, audio and other I/O device drivers, pSoS real-time operating system, booting and board support and download/run tools to facilitate development. The NDK includes a complete documentation package, describing both the NDK and the MPTK. Further details of the contents of NDK are given in the features section.


TCS: TriMedia Compilation System

TCS is the TriMedia Compilation System. It includes:

  • A state-of-the-art C/C++ compiler that supports 6 levels of optimization and profile directed optimizations.

  • Software simulators for TM3260 and TM5250 cores used in the PNX1500 and the PNX 1700 respectively.

  • A GUI based source code debugger (with optional command line interface) that can be used either with the software simulator or with supported hardware configurations (PCI plug-in board or stand-alone board via JTAG controller).

  • A code performance profiler to help you discover “hot spots” in your application.

  • Libraries and tools to help download executables to the chip.

  • An ANSI standard C and C++ library.

  • The pSOS operating System.

Further details are given in the TCS part of the NDK documentation.

Software Infrastructure and Drivers in NDK

In addition to the tools described above, the NDK provides the “compute infrastructure” and a set of driver software for the various peripheral devices present on the PNX1500 and the PNX1700.

The NDK provides:

  • Audio and video driver software.

  • Peripheral drivers for non-A/V peripherals on the PNX1500/1700.

  • A Windows driver, tmman, used to interface Windows software with PCI target boards that plug into the “host” PC.

  • Booting and Board Support. These modules support chip and board level hardware startup and initialization.

  • The OS abstraction layer (OSAL) typically used as the OS on Nexperia Media Processors (in NDK, this is an abstract layer on top of pSOS).

  • The TSSA1 streaming framework used by Nexperia applications. This TriMedia Streaming Software Architecture provides a standard way to connect together software components that do their processing in a data-streaming fashion. The MPTK App Library components “plug into” the TSSA and use the TSSA to connect with standard Audio/Video I/O components and other processing components.

Further details are given in the NDK documentation.


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