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Media Player or Processing Toolkit (MPTK)
Media Processing Toolkit (MPTK) software for PNX1500 and PNX1700

MPTK is a set of Audio, Video, and Graphics processing libraries that are available from Streaming Networks under license from NXP. These libraries enable PNX1500 and PNX1700 media processors realize “multimedia” functions. The libraries include MPEG1/2 video decoder, MPEG4 and H.264 video decoders, AAC, MP3 and Dolby AC3 audio decoders. Further details of the contents of MPTK are given in the features section.


MPTK Library Package Contents:

There are currently three MPTK packages. Each one supports both the PNX1500 and the PNX1700 Media Processor chips.

1. MPTK library package includes:

a. MPEG1/2, MPEG4 and H.264 video decoders
b. MP1/2/3, AAC audio decoders
c. JPEG, MJPEG decoders
d. MPEG PS and TS Demultiplexers
e. File Readers
f. Network Readers
g. Application examples

2. Dolby library package includes:

a. AC-3 audio decoder and applications

3. DivX library package includes:

a. DivX video decoder
b. AVI reader

4. Windows Media 9 package includes:

a. WMV video decoder
b. WMA audio decoder
c. ASF parser

In addition to the above libraries, Blunk microsystem provides a TCP/IP stack that is closely integrated with NDK.

The libraries are provided in binary form except the sample examples which are in source code form. Please note that proof of licensing is required from Dolby, DiVx and Microsoft before the corresponding package or libraries can be shipped. Furthermore, the use of some libraries may require royalty payments to respective licensing authorities such as the MPEG, MP3, DiVx, Microsoft and Dolby labs.

The MPTK libraries are maintained as a unit with the NDK, and a particular version of MPTK libraries will only install if the associated version of NDK is already installed on your system. Further details can be found in the NDK/MPTK documentation.


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