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Integrated Application Development Kit (IADK)
IADK consists of the NDK and a Media Processing toolkit for PNX1300

Integrated Application Development Kit (IADK) consists of the NDK and a Media Processing toolkit. The articulation of this distinction from NXP is relatively new. IADK stands for Integrated Application Development Kit. The IADK was developed to take the concept of the TM1300 SDE one step further. IADK collects into one place and format all of the TM tools and libraries. IADK is available only from Streaming Networks.


The IADK Tools include the following:

  • Nexperia/TriMedia toolset. This is taken as a basis, with a number of additions and patches to the supporting files.
  • Improved support for stand-alone TM board development.
  • Updated code for the TSSA "core", including the TSSA defaults and the A/V IO drivers.
  • A comprehensive documentation package, including updated component documentation.
  • Accurate information about what other software can be obtained at added cost from Philips and from ISV partners.
  • Contacts to other public information sources.
  • A set of example applications, provided with IP, packaged as object-only, that can demonstrate the abilities of the Nexperia/TriMedia.

    Among other useful tools, the IADK2.0 has the following:
    Disc 1
    BSP for SN SIO boards
    BSP for SN PCI board
    Video Digitizer
    Video Renderer
    Audio Digitizer
    Audio Renderer
    Disc 2 MPEG-1 Layer 3 audio decoder
    DVC Audio Decoder
    MPEG 2 software Video decoder
    DVC Video Decoder
    Gif Decoder
    BMP Decoder
    JPEG Decoder
    Disc 3 MPEG-1 Layer 3 audio encoder
    MPEG-1 Layer 2 audio encoder
    MPEG 2 video encoder
    MJPEG Encoder
    Disc 4 MPEG 4 AAC decoder
    MPEG 4 WB CELP decoder
    DivX AVI read
    MPEG 4 File DMIF
    MPEG 4 Network (IP) DMIF
    Clock Application
    MP4 Support Libraries
    MPEG 4 Advanced Simple Profile Video Decoder
    Disc 5
    Dolby AC-3 decoder
    Disc 6 Blunk TCP/IP, UDP/ARP/ICMP, DHCP/DNS, PPP tmRPCSocket
    Disc 7 UPnP stack
    Media Renderer
    Disc 8 DTS
    Disc 9 Mp3 Pro
    Disc 10 JPEG2000





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