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The Bait Car (BC-100) is a state-of-the-art vehicle surveillance and tracking system, designed and developed specifically for the needs of law enforcement agencies that operate bait vehicle monitoring program. The BC-100 is a next generation bait vehicle solution with integrated vehicle status monitoring, input/output controls, and audio/video streaming and recording. The Bait Car (BC-100) system can also be used for a variety of covert vehicle surveillance and monitoring applications.

The BC-100 system utilizes vehicle-mounted BC-100 black box tracking devices that communicates over standard digital cellular wireless networks with a BC-100 Server computer, from which the bait car is controlled and monitored. The BC-100 box can be connected to multiple covert cameras and a number of input sensors to detect events that typically indicate that a vehicle is being illegally accessed such as a door or trunk being opened, or an ignition button being activated.

Audio/Video streaming and recording up to 4 cameras
  Communicates over cellular wireless networks and wifi
  Opto isolated inputs/outputs for vehicle maneuver and alarms
  Dual battery support with voltage monitoring
Local recording of Audio, Video, GPS data, sensor triggers
Companion Bait car server to manage 100 of bait cars
  Mobile App to control multiple bait cars simultaneously


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